Benefits of Milk Tea

Milk TeaThere are many health benefits of milk tea. This benefit produced by the combination of milk and tea. A milk and tea have some health benefit in their self, and when this two beverages are mixed, it will gives health benefits. The health benefit that gives by this beverage is keeping our immune. Immune is the most important thing inside the body because has function to guard our healthy.

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Amazing cocktail for Sunday

No Sunday Funday is complete without brunch -- and no brunch is complete without cocktails. To help you mix up the best drinks possible, we paired up Sourced, Smirnoff’s newest line of vodka infused with real fruit juice*, and bartender extraordinaire Crystal Chasse, from an NYC cocktail lounge, to concoct a few brunch drinks worthy of Sunday Funday. Using Sourced’s three flavors, we came up with three cocktails for the next time you pile into your pal’s kitchen for some pancakes.

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